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Professional Development

Continuing Education is a lifelong learning process that directly impacts workforce development in everyone's community by preparing an innovative, competent, creative and resilient workforce. Courses are delivered at a more accelerated pace to accommodate your busy schedule. Course we host with accreditation partners award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Units (PDUs) that may help you meet certification or recertification requirements.

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Certificate Programmes

Build your expertise.Certificate programs give you the specialisation you need to keep ahead of trends, seek greater career opportunities and stay competitive. Your experience in the field is an important component of your value to an employer. But experience alone isn’t enough. Employers need something quantifiable and verifiable to show them you have the expertise they need. Certification by a respected accreditation organisation is becoming indispensable to the business professional. With proper training and certification, you can illustrate to employers your documented and proven expertise to fulfil new and urgent needs in each of these critical areas.

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Bespoke Training

Bespoke training programs have become increasingly recognised as the most effective means to enhance employee efficiency and effectiveness. Our Clients have a choice of either have course material designed from scratch or one that is developed based on any of our public courses. Our bespoke training offers more value, more control with better targeted result dedicated solely on your workforce’s requirement.

The bespoke material can be taken from one or more of our courses, can be designed in modular format to create tailored education experience for staffs within your organisation. Many more courses that we offer are not displayed on our website; we therefore encourage organisations to discuss their training needs with us, as we probably have material that is close their needs.

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On-Site Training Benefits for the Organisation:

  • Allows a saving of 30% – 60% and reduction in training budget compared to Public schedule prices
  • Maintain productivity with flexible course dates and times
  • Get all employees on the same wavelength
  • Tailor the course material to fulfil corporate needs
  • No additional traveling cost for each student
  • No additional Hotel / Accommodation cost for learners